Headlight Safety Matters

Currently in our state there is very little awareness to the fact that there are a large number of vehicles on our busy streets and highways with unsafe plastic headlights.  Look around and you will see for yourself that everywhere you look there are cars, trucks and SUV’s all with cloudy opaque looking headlights.


Almost every headlight restoration services, online DIY kits and many of the products found on store shelves make it a point to inform the consumer of the dangers of driving with poor performing headlights.


Although our business does not adhere to scare tactics to sell our service we agree that SAFETY MATTERS MOST. There are several states that have strict laws requiring vehicles to pass an inspection prohibiting owners from driving with unsafe headlights.  In addition, law enforcement in those states routinely issue citations for vehicles which do not meet the minimum standard of safe light projection.  Since Florida is not one of these states, it is the responsibility of private owners and fleet vehicle companies to take measures to keep themselves and others safe while driving at night and in poor weather conditions.


The underlying message here is that since most of us drive vehicles with plastic headlights, we are ultimately responsible for our own safety and for the safety of others.  Maintaining your headlight clarity is one of the most important and least expensive decisions that you can make.  Don’t assume that you can see well at night or that others can see you.  The increase in the light output of restored headlights really is dramatic!


Whether you choose to use our service or a competitor’s service or even the DIY products we encourage all drivers to look at the condition of their headlights and do whatever it requires to make them safe.


One of our goals is to make people aware that they do not have to drive their vehicle with poor performing unsafe headlights!  We are constantly surprised by the number of people we talk with who had no idea that their headlight cloudiness is on the outside surface of the headlight lens.  Keep in mind that like-new clarity, in most cases, can easily be restored without spending a lot of money.  We hope this will get you to take a look at your headlights and agree that maintaining your headlight clarity is a responsible decision that makes good sense and provides peace of mind.


Drive Safe.

Gary J. Saldi



St. Petersburg, FL